30 November, 2015

I have Nothing

Assalamualaikum w.b.t hola readers!

well hello guys, actually i want to update my blog since last Friday but my laptop did not let me tooooooooooo /cries/. but today this thing let me and yeah here i am. but i cannot do anything because my mind blank...................................................... i cant think about how i want to change this blog to new skin or look (?) actually i am sleepy but i want to inform you guys just for nothing HA HA HA no actually i looked up to my stats and there is still few of people around the 'world' still visit this site (that is why im using English hohohohoho)

i cannot promise to anything but i will update soon or maybe everyday because i have nothing to do at home and mom did not let me find a job... and yeah to avoid myself from be potato i will update my blog everyday /applause/ but i cant promise hahahahaha due to my mood actually neheh. or maybe i can start vlogging if i am lazy to type then i will talk in front of the camera (IT WILL BE AWKWARD I BET)

so ya i will go to sleep first. btw thank you for visiting this blog even i have nothing to share with all of you (who is always visit here of course). so goodnight ! :)

my English are/is/was(i dont know to use which one) broken for sure. but at least i tried right? hehe thank you for understanding and thank you for laughing too. lets laugh together ahahahaha -__-

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